Home Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy is utilized in treating number of conditions. Since most patient who require Infusion treatments have issues with mobility and transportation, ASHC’s nurses ensures that patient will stick to medication protocols and administration.

Alshameel Health Care offers a Home Infusion Therapy Service that allows patients who require regular Intravenous or Parenteral treatment to minimize hospitalization days. This incorporates medications and nutrition by an outstanding trained nursing staff at the comfort of your own home.

Our Home Infusion Therapy Program includes the following, but not limited to:

  • Patient’s safety and comfort

  • Daily assessment of patient condition

  • Maintaining the patency of infusion tubes and ports

  • Strict observance of Infection Control

  • Treatments that Home Infusion Nurses can attend to are:

  • Antibiotics

  • Parenteral Nutrition

  • Pain Management

  • General Hydration

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