Medication Management

A patient-centred care that optimizes safe, effective, appropriate drug therapy.

Alshameel Health Care offers a Medication Management Service to patients of all ages appropriate for drug-related needs.

As our Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Registered Nurses duly capable to provide care through collaboration with patient and healthcare teams. We commit to patient-centered care that optimizes safe and effective medication regimen.

Medication Management is a key of ensuring safe medication in the comfort of your own home.


Our Medication Management Program includes the following, but not limited to:

  • Checking baseline vital signs before giving medicine

  • Watching out for Drug toxicity effects

  • Identifying the 5 R's:

    • Right identification of patient who will receive the medicine

    • Right drug to be given

    • Right dose or amount of drug

    • Right route or site on which the medicine should be given

    • Right time or duration of medicine avoiding under/overdose

  • Watching out for untoward signs and symptoms of medication's side effects

  • Watching out for drug-related allergies

  • Health teachings for patient/family/care provider.

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